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Lvov – an undiscovered pearl of Europe...

Visiting Lviv at least for two days is already a rewarding experience, just to immerse oneself in the streams of either spring or autumn rain, to dance with the leaves of the Striyskiy Park or find your way to a winter fairytale on Castle Hill (Zamkova Gora). Indulge yourself in Lviv with coffee and cake, at one of this former Habsburg city’s many Austrian-style cafés and keep your ears open to fanciful sounds of a magic city. Soaking up the wonderful atmosphere of central Lviv, wandering its uneven cobbled streets between magnificent churches and historic buildings makes one believe to be a part of some strange charming fairytale.

Only in Lviv will one be amazed with over 50 percent of all architectural monuments of the country of Ukraine in one place. It takes no more than 100 steps to witness an Armenian lot straight after a Catholic one, afterwards to – Ukrainian, and finally to the narrow micro world of Jewish street. No wonder, visitors call Lviv little Rome, and Lviv residents claim it to be Lviv the Great.


Hotel «Ramada» 3* - easy, harmonious & simple…

Hotel «Ramada Lviv» - innovation and modernity are the main components of your holiday. Simple solutions design and elegant style will add a special touch of comfort shades that will surround you in every detail.

Package price per person:

Room category «Comfort»

1 night – 110 Euro

2 nights – 145 Euro

Hotel «George» 3* - Lvov hotel-legend…

Hotel "George" is an elegant architectural monument of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The oldest hotel in Ukraine, which is more than 200 years old. Spread wide staircase still remember the splendor of that old world ... This hotel has always differed from another hotels by its refinement of architecture and interior design, living rooms, hallways and stairwells that hit the grandeur and space of the old times. The central location and extensive infrastructure attract more tourists and visitors from all over the world.

Package price per person:

Room category «Superior»

1 night – 125 Euro

2 nights – 160 Euro

Hotel «Leopolis» 5* – best Lviv’s boutique 5* hotel …

Hotel "Leopolis" is located in the heart of the historic district, where there is still a spirit of romanticism and bohemian soul of the ancient city. Just a minute walk from the Market Square, 4 minutes from the Opera House, 3 minutes from Vernissage and 15 minutes from the Cathedral of St. George. No matter what you want to visit Lviv - it's right near the hotel «Leopolis».

Package price per person:

Room category «Standard»

1 night – 160 Euro 2 nights – 235 Euro

  • Accommodation in the chosen hotel on a DBL/TWIN sharing basis
  • Breakfasts in the hotel
  • Transfer airport – hotel - airport
  • One 4-hour city tour around Lvov

  • *Price for SNG supplement under request*


    The tour begins with a "High Castle" - a place of the Lviv foundation, which offers a breathtaking panorama of the city.

    You will see the most famous sights of the city (the Armenian Church, the Armenian Quarter (where the film was shot, "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers"), Market Square - the old part of the city, entered in the UNESCO World Heritage Site (a unique open-air museum - all 45 buildings on the square are monuments of XVI-XX centuries), Latin Cathedra, Italian Yard, the world's only current Pharmacy Museum, Dominican Cathedral, Town Hall, home Kornyakta, Assumption Church, the Powder tower, the Monument to Fedorov, Old Jewish quarter, Monument Zaher von Masoch, Lviv chocolate Workshop "Lvivska kopalnya Kawi," City arsenal, the Opera House (interior), which, by the way, is one of the five most beautiful operas of the world!

    We suggest you continue by own to get acquainted with centuries-old traditions of the city by its hastronomy

  • "Masoch Café" where you can enjoy cocktails and extreme food with aphrodisiac!
  • To knock on the door, "Kriїvki", you will learn the history of UPA (Ukrainian military) and taste the mead (honey vodka)
  • To get intrigued with "Gasova Lampe" Restaurant, wou will meet with parents of kerasin bronze lamps and Ian Zegom Ignatius Lukashevich, and will try the spirits - "benzіvku" (petrol drink), "naftіvku" (fuel drink), "gasіvku" (gas drink) and, of course, draft beer, imported from Germany
  • Feature of "Under the Golden Rose" restaurant, is the absence of prices: for each dish you will have to haggle & negotiate with the waiter


    2-3 pax

    4-6 pax

    7-10 pax


    12 Euro p.p.


    55 Euro p.p.

    45 Euro p.p.

    40 Euro p.p.


    50 Euro p.p.

    35 Euro p.p.

    25 Euro p.p.

  • Price includes – transportation services (except walking tour “Night Watch”), professional guide and applicable entry tickets
  • At the tour “Batyar’s heart” – in addition are included: lunch in the restaurant “Kumpel”, including beer degustation, visiting Beer Musem and Beer Factory with degustation


    This is a special evening excursion. It is carried out only in the twilight. Venue - the medieval town (passing through the main streets, we look into the alleys and courtyards, see what secrets the city opens to us at night / evening) ... It is better to start this tour, when it's getting dark. If you want a leisurely, relaxed walks and feel that pastel colors of the evening will be more convenient for you than the dazzling sun? Maybe you'll like the shimmering evening lights, the reflection of the evening setting sun on the domes and towers of Lvov churches and evening "Kneipp" (cafes)? Do you want to learn about the past and present of evening and night in Lviv? Then you will definitely enjoy the special atmosphere of the medieval city. Surprising encounters, creepy legends, ghosts, and secret rituals - all this awaits you during the night walk


    We invite you to a unique, intoxicating walking tour around Lviv, a city that you probably know very little about. It is an exciting tour through unknown pre-war areas of the city. This tour is accompanied by tasting of Lviv’s legendary beer.

    The tour begins around Lviv historical centre. We’ll move on from the Market Square to the area where the legendary culture of Lviv hooligans – “batyars” – was born. We’ll walk through brawl sites of infamous gangsters and visit former Execution Hill. We’ll take a look at historic places in the Jewish, Ukrainian, and Armenian quarters of the ancient city (including the Ruthenian, Armenian, and Roman Catholic Churches and the Boim Chapel).

    Beer tasting (1×0.3L) starts in the former 16th century Armenian bank. We’ll reveal unusual secrets and the history of the building that gave birth to several interesting inventions.

    We’ll visit the Lviv Brewery and its Brewery Museum. We’ll take a look around one of the best brewery exhibitions in Ukraine and will follow it up with two more beer tastings (2×0.3L).

    Dinner will take place in one of the best brewery-restaurants in the city – «Kumpel». Dinner will be followed by a beer-tasting of 2 types of unpasteurized beer (2×0.3L). We’ll learn about Kumpel’s beer-brewing technology. You get the unique opportunity to taste some original beer ice cream.

    This tour includes lots of interesting facts and anecdotes about the “darker” side of Lviv. During your adventure you will be given a one-of-a-kind beer passport in which you will receive a beer visa from every restaurant and bar you visit. You will also receive souvenirs from the breweries and bars.

  • Note: Price includes lunch in the restaurant “Kumpel”, including beer degustation, visiting Beer Musem and Beer Factory with degustation


    Excursion to the ancient Lviv of XVIII - XIX century, during the reign of the Austrian emperors, who enriched Lviv with the Lions buildings and entire neighborhoods of architectural beauty, Liberty Avenue, Honey. University im.D.Galitskogo (medical town), Lviv cemetery - one of the oldest landscaped cemeteries in Europe. At the cemetery, we will get acquainted with the art of Lviv's famous sculptors of various eras and styles. This necropolis is also known as the resting place of Polish, German, Ukrainian and Armenian poets, writers, artists, scientists and military leaders. Security Service (the former KGB), Organ Hall, Lviv Polytechnic National University, Church of St. George (the interior), Main Building University. Franko (former Galician Sejm), st. Gorodotskaya (the longest street in the time of Poland).

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