Chernobyl is a place. Chernobyl is an event. Chernobyl is a story. It is a story of careless managers, helpless victims, weak leaders, and strong heroes. Come join us to hear these stories.

It was 26 April 1986 - a nuclear power station near a small city named Chernobyl, Ukraine—a mere 100 meters/60 miles from the capital city of Kiev—a late night electrical experiment with Reactor #4 went wrong. The result was an escalating nuclear phenomenon that, when it climaxed, would change lives . . . and change the world. 90 tons of radioactive material has a way of changing things.

Brave men died as they sought to control the radiation. You’ll hear their stories. Hundreds of victims perished in the immediate aftermath and thousands more as time eased by. You’ll hear their stories too. Even the local wildlife population has a story to tell. When the reactor exploded, politics entered the scene. City Pripyat, where disaster struck, has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and acknowledged to be a monument of the worst nuclear disaster in human history with distance to Kiev only 94 km.

While visiting Chernobyl, you will feel the degree of occurred events in this place, that changed history of human civilization, feel the power and wisdom of nature which was released in this place by man. Visit CHERNOBYL at least once, and your outlook on so-called "normal life" will change significantly, including your own life. And this is perhaps the main reason of this emotionally rich travel experience.

When your tour is complete, you will know the facts about Chernobyl: the Where’s, the When’s, the Who’s, and the Whys; its past, its present, and its future. You’ll learn much of this from people who lived near the Chernobyl Power Station then and live near there now. You will also tour a fully constructed city where no one lives at all, and the ghost of government past hovers above each school room, store, hospital, and home.

Our innovative Chernobyl trips employ all this front-line, cutting-edge expertise, and deliver it in clear, user-friendly and enjoyable way. You will learn many important yet not widely known things about radiation, radiation contamination and radiation survival, which are crucially useful nowadays, as the Fukushima accident has recently shown. Our trips are designed and often led by an internationally known expert in Chernobyl and radiation accidents Sergii MIRNYI, who is also an award-winning writer, and was an officer of radiation reconnaissance in the Chernobyl Zone during the first month after the accident. Come join us. Chernobyl will change you too – for the better if you will learn its lessons. Certainly, there are radiation-dangers places in the Chernobyl zone. However, the routes on which we move are in clear compliance with accompanying staff, the radiation IS NOT DANGEROUS.

We would like to suggest you 1-day Tour as well as several day schedule trip and private tour to Ghost town - Chernobyl.

To make your trip comfortable and enjoyable, we advise you to:

  • have some sandwiches and bottled water with you to have a bite en route
  • be prepared for rain and dew on the grass during the walks on the stops
  • have your personal first aid kit
  • wear comfortable clothes and high hiking shoes (boots in the winter)
  • and, most importantly – DON'T FORGET YOUR PASSPORT! – without it you won't be let to the zone!
  • The tour booking should be sent at least 17 days before the date of visit. For more information please be free to contact us.