The number of Catholics in Ukraine is estimated as 4-5 million people. Catholicism of both Western and Eastern rite is more common in the west of the country, although the network of Catholic parishes covers the entire territory of Ukraine. Ukrainian Greek Catholics make up the majority of the population. Most of the Roman Catholic population has historically consisted of people with ethnic Polish roots, but in recent decades, the ethnic composition of the Roman Catholic community has become more diverse.

In Kiev, you will see the Catholic churches of the capital, in no way inferior to the greatness and beauty of European churches. Catholic churches in Kiev appeared a long time ago, during the final division of the Universal Church into East and West. Even during the reign of Grand Prince Vladimir of Kiev Rjurikovich a Dominican monastery of St. Mary appeared

Nicholas Church

Nicholas church - one of the most beautiful buildings in Kiev of early XX century, built in the Gothic style with a stylized arrow-high spiers. For the construction of the church were first used concrete ramming piles.

Ceremonial laying of the church took place in August 1899, after a group of Catholics appealed to the governor of Kiev to get a permission to build a church "in memory of their stay in Kiev Imperial Majesties" - Nicholas II. By that time, the city has had one church - Alexander, but considering that in Kiev there were more than 40,000 Catholics, one cathedral was not enough.

Currently, the prayers of the newly built one hundred years ago church, one can witness a lot of foreigners during prayers, as the service is conducted in five languages - Ukrainian, Polish, Italian, Spanish and English.

Cathedral Of St.Alexander

The oldest Catholic shrine of Kiev is the church of St. Alexander - the first church in the city. Permission for its erection Kiev received from the Emperor Alexander I and the church was named in honor of the patron saint of Russian tsar - St. Alexander. It has undergone a lot of changes was eventually closed during the Soviet era, but in 1990 the temple was reopened for worship, a little later restored and illuminated. Now the church can allocate about 2,000 people. Parishioners are proud of magnificent decoration of the church, a relic crucifix above the altar, brought from Italy and organ concerts that are held in this church.


Lviv was the center of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of the church in Galicia, where were established Residence Palace, the chapter, the ecclesiastical court. The Roman Catholic community of the city in 1900 counted 78,516 people, representing 52.5% of the population of the city. In general, at the beginning of the XX century in Lviv were more than 20 churches.

Dominican Cathedral

Dominican Church (Church of the Holy Eucharist) - Greek-Catholic Church in the center of Lviv, a UNESCO World Heritage area, the monument of national importance. Prior to the 2nd World War - the main cathedral of the Roman Catholic monastery of the Dominican Order, in Soviet times - the Museum of History of Religion. The cathedral was built in the late Baroque style by western European sample. Stoned in the plan, it displays a message with an elongated oval cross section and two belfries on the sides. Crowned by a huge elliptical dome of the church.

Archicathedral St. George's Cathedral

Archcathedral St. George - Greek Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral of Galicia, until 1817 at the monastery of St. Chin Basil the Great, Baroque-rococo monumental architectural ensemble with impressive national features (1744-1762). It is considered the main shrine of Ukrainian Greek-Catholics. Since 1998, the Council, together with the historical part of the city became a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Church And Monastery Complex Bernardino

Historical and architectural monument, which is located in Lviv, in the square of the Cathedral, 3-a. The premises of the monastery belong to the Central State Archive of Lviv, and the church of St. Andrew handed the Ukrainian Greek Catholic churches. At the place of the modern building since the XV century a wooden monastery has existed, the mention of which is in the chronicles in 1460.

Latin Cathedral

Archicathedral Basilica of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary or the Latin Cathedral - the main temple of Lviv of the Roman Catholic Church in Cathedral Square of Lvov. The monument of sacral architecture XIV-XVIII centuries.

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