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When organizing a business trip is necessary to solve a number of issues: who to get there? Where to live? How to drop up the necessary documents? How to plan the time for be in time in the meetings and corporate events? And at the same time how to see the new city and enjoy the trip to the extent possible?

We’ll take care of all these questions a business trip. We’ll do you business trip comfort and interesting.

We can guarantee client-centered approach in respect of your budget, wishes and requirements.

Our service includes:

  • Hotel selection & reservation in Ukraine taking into account Your budget & preferences, as well as special aspects of corporate policy;
  • Reservation of air& train tickets;
  • Assistance with obtaining visa to Ukraine;
  • Transportation / excursion services;v
  • Reservation of “VIP Terminals” in all airports of Ukraine;
  • Arranging services of professional guiding/accompaniment/interpreter services

  • Best wishes of further success in your work!

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