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In modern conditions of business development many participants of this or that segment of the market should communicate often with foreign partners, and the whole complex of actual problems can be solved today with private business aircraft.

“New land Group” renders business aviation services.

Our services:
  • Organization of charter flights;
  • VIP halls and business of terminals;
  • Excellent service onboard: full catering, bar, press and other services;
  • Organization of VIP land transportation
  • Manager of “New Land Group” will consider all you wishes, you fancy preferences. Our manager can suggest you the best options according to your individual standard, budget and preferable aircraft layout.

    We can guarantee maximum comfort, a wide range of VIP- aircraft and helicopters, and minimum time from your side. Having listened to your preferences, we will offer you a choice of several options and it will be you who make a choice.

    Rent of the plane or the helicopter is a unique opportunity to cover long distances within minimal time, and flight conditions are always the most comfortable.

    Our main business priority is to establish long-term relationship with clients, which is guaranteed by high proficiency and thoughtful and regardful approach of our employees.

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